Our devices , completely eliminates 99.9% of odors, fugi, mold and all viruses 

(+CORONA19) by converting air to ozone and safely returning the air

back to oxygen.This device works in an unoccupied and contained environment.

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Fraser Lane Associates LLC - 


Green solutions (Fraser Lane Associates LLC) is an environmental service provider located in Bridgeport CT.

We provide effective and modern methods of disinfection, deodorization in the elimination of harmful viruses, fungi, mold and bacteria. Our patent pending ozone device enables chemical free sterilization technology and can be tailored to many different scenarios.

 1) Airborne viruses: Our device sanitizes and sterilizes controlled areas such as, conference rooms, gymnasiums, office spaces, places of worship, warehouses and other spaces that may be difficult to treat. Our technology can be utilized in residential, commercial and industrial settings, and is controlled and monitored off site.

2) Garbage Chutes: Our device removes the harmful smell of garbage, fungi and bacteria from garbage chutes, and ultimately your building. Our device will eliminate the need for harmful chemicals and manpower to clean these chutes.  It will also reduce pest control issues by decreasing mice, bugs, and other pest related issues by up to 75%. 

 3) Geothermal Energy System: Electric heat pumps conserve energy and reduce the expense of heat and hot water for buildings. You will see savings of almost 60% with this energy efficient heat pump.  This state of the art technology can be installed in either commercial or residential locations to reduce your costs for energy.

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 No representations are being made by Green Solution Company that the Federal Government or any State has provided any certification that the Ozone device has been certified pursuant to any governmental guidelines or laws.


 Results of baseline and post-treatment trials Effectiveness 

of the Clean Chute Solution system on reducing surface

concentrations of fungal and environmental bacteria.


We Supports:

Fraser Lane supports the Sheyva Foundation, which sponsors foreign and financially struggling students. 
Sheyva Foundation also helps to pay for children 's treatment, supports the U.S. Army Veterans Foundation, 
and other U.S. Foundations, supports Discovery Museum in Bridgeport, Connecticut. 



 Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola






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