Our devices , completely eliminates 99.9% of odors, fugi, mold and all viruses 

(+CORONA19) by converting air to ozone and safely returning the air

back to oxygen.This device works in an unoccupied and contained environment.

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So, just how would ozone therapy kill coronavirus? In the interview, Rowen explains the mechanisms responsible. A more detailed description is also given in “A Plausible ‘Penny’ Costing Effective Treatment for Corona Virus — Ozone Therapy”:"[Ozone therapy] may be ideal therapy for viruses. In order to successfully penetrate cells, many viruses require membrane glycoproteins to be in the reduced R-S-H form rather than oxidized (R-S-S-R). Ozone inactivates many viruses directly … Mirazmi, et al. found cytomegalovirus loses infectivity if its thiol groups are oxidized. Re-reducing the oxidized thiols (by dithiothreitol) enabled the virus to regain 65% infectivity. HIV is dependent on reduced sulfhydryl groups for infectivity, as also reported for Ebola virus to enter cells. Like Ebola, corona virus structure also has regions rich in cysteine, inclusive of the spike and envelope proteins. Cysteine is an amino acid carrying a sulfhydryl (R-S-H) residue, also called a ‘thiol’ group. Alterations of these residues have been found to ‘cripple’ virus growth properties at least 2 logs lower than wild type virus. Active cysteine is essential for membrane fusion … The redox status (reduced cysteine residues vs. oxidized residues) can ‘switch’ protein activity to ‘on’ or ‘off.’ Thiol S-H bonds are far weaker than the O-H bonds in alcohols, and vulnerable to oxygen based oxidants, which can oxidize the sulfur to sulfonic acid residues (R-SO3-H) … Cysteine is highly vulnerable to oxidation to disulfide (R-S-S-R) or other residues; which effect will cripple its biochemical activity in proteins, altering their three-dimensional structure. Enzymes may become inactive when reduced thiols are oxidized. Ozone itself will oxidize SH groups instantly on contact. Knowing ozone extinguishes itself virtually instantly on contact with blood, creating ozonides, one might then ask, ‘How will ozone reach deep reservoirs of virus?’ Ozonides are oxidants in their own right. They have a prolonged life … providing ongoing protection after a single treatment. These molecules are less reactive than ozone, but still possess oxidizing power and serve as biochemical signaling molecules modulating the immune system. Creating a more ‘oxidized’ environment, ozone therapy may assist the body in inactivating thiols in viruses in blood and tissues. (Our immune system is well known to create reactive oxidant species, such as hydrogen peroxide, superoxide, nitric oxide, hypochlorous acid, etc. and even ozone itself as mentioned previously to defend against infection). Viruses, unlike ‘living’ cells, have no mechanism of self-repair.” In simpler layman’s terms, the coronavirus is a lipid-coated virus and rich in cysteine amino acid residues; if you disrupt that lipid coat or oxidize the vulnerable cysteine, you reduce or eliminate its infectivity. Ozone attacks lipids, and viruses cannot repair that damage. Thus, ozone may effectively destroy the virus. Ozone May Be an Ideal Antiviral Ozone also modulates the immune system. The cytokine storm associated with severe COVID-19 infection is due to an out of control immune reaction. Ozone can help bring the immune system back into balance, thus allowing it to defend itself against the invader without causing excessive damage in the process. According to Rowen: “Ozone appears to be an incredible antiviral. In my words, it's the ideal antiviral … Designing drugs to damage the lipid coat is probably going to fail because those drugs are going to be toxic. But we have a molecule that can do this. And whether you call it a drug, ozone is a natural substance — because it's made by the body — it matters not to me. The fact is, it's a pro-oxidant and it can ding the virus and render it inactive if the virus is exposed to it …One of my goals in all of this is to try to get ozone [as] standard of care. I believe it's running up against a wall deliberately, because if ozone and oxidative therapies, including vitamin C, hydrogen peroxide or ultraviolet blood radiation got out there, you would see a change in the landscape of medicine in this country and it would really hurt Pharma … So, I have no doubt that this information is being deliberately squelched. I know reporters who were trying to get the story out there and they were told by their higher ups, no go. It's a dead story. Why? Ozone could be put into the ICUs [at] no expense, no cost. I don't want to be paid for it to go into local hospitals … But we have a system that is so corrupt, so vile, that if it's not FDA approved, they will let somebody die. That's evil on steroids. So it would seem that this pandemic could be a great opportunity. Because in China, they're using intravenous ascorbic acid for this, but it would seem to be an opportunity to use ozone over there … The people that they've gotten to with ozone, even those who are seriously ill, have had a very favorable outcome.” To learn more, read Rowen’s commentary,4 “A Plausible ‘Penny’ Costing Effective Treatment for Corona Virus — Ozone Therapy,” published in the Journal of Infectious  iseases and Epidemiology, or check out his website, DrRowenDrsu.com. In the interview, Rowen also goes into greater depth, explaining the biomechanics of ozone as it pertains to viral infections.

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Our company provides a modern and very effective method of disinfection and sterilization using Ozone technology. We are the only provider of green(chemical free) technology, that eliminates harmful bacteria, fungi, and mold with a continuous solution to eradicate the problem withought harmful chemicals. In addition, many of our satisfied customers have been successful in reducing expenses related to the removal of harmful smells and disifectants. Our service is tailored to many residential, commercial, and industrial properties across the united states.

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