Our devices , completely eliminates 99.9% of odors, fugi, mold and all viruses 

(+CORONA19) by converting air to ozone and safely returning the air

back to oxygen.This device works in an unoccupied and contained environment.

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An innovative and environmental friendly way ,

using modern ozone technology, to disinfect and

deodorize garbage collection systems. Also

available for Industrail, commercial and

residental spaces focused on sanitation and


1) Free consultation and evaluation of your

business needs
2) Affordable service plans payable on a monthly

3) 24 hour monitoring of the device(s) Air

quality, settings  and controls.
4) Professional Installation by qualified

5) Complete service contract included in

contractual agreement.
6) 30 day opt out- free trial on garbage

chute applications.

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Fraser Lane Associates LLC


Our company provides a modern and very effective method of disinfection and sterilization using Ozone technology. We are the only provider of green(chemical free) technology, that eliminates harmful bacteria, fungi, and mold with a continuous solution to eradicate the problem withought harmful chemicals. In addition, many of our satisfied customers have been successful in reducing expenses related to the removal of harmful smells and disifectants. Our service is tailored to many residential, commercial, and industrial properties across the united states.

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