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What is "Ozone"? Why should I choose this system?...

1. What is "Ozone"? 

Ozone is the most enviromentally friendly and effective disinfectant. Ozone, as an oxidant, is used in water treatment,

sanitizing, washing disinfection of equipment, odor removal, etc..


2. Why should I choose this system? 

Please note that ONLY our System will fully and permanently eliminate all fungi, mold and bacteria in your garbage

chute without a chance for them to recover. This is the only known technology with guaranteed effect for that!


3. How can I get patent-pending cleaning system ? 

Fill the contact form in the “Contact” section and we will get back to you as soon as posible!


4. What if I don't like this patent-pending cleaning system ? 

After instalation, you will get 21 day trial. It’s absolutely free, so if you do not like the product, we’ll just take it away.

Fraser Lane Associates LLC


Fraser Lane Associates LLC - is a сivil сompany registered in Bridgeport, CT and approved State Connecticut. It provides a very effective,
modern, patent-pending method of disinfection and deodorizing, that greatly enhances user’s
experience when disposing of trash using the building’s garbage chute

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